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Do you offer an Adult Drop-in-Sew time?                                                                 Yes. I'm happy to continue this option again! This will be available on Thursday mornings 10-12:00. $35 for each slot. Use my studio and sewing tools, bring your own machine, or use one of mine set up. A machine Intro and safety session is a must if using one of my machines, and optional if you bring your own and want to do it. Bring your own fabric and project, or use one of my projects. Come sew as I sew and I will be available to offer assistance when the need arises. Contact me to reserve your spot for the upcoming Thursday. There is limited space.


Where is Create Sewing School located?

Beautiful Scottsdale, AZ near the cross streets of 66th and Cholla (by Cocopah school). Address will be provided to registered participants only.
After registering, you will be sent a liability release form to fill out through email. Please be sure to check your junk folder, if you have not gotten in within 2 days let me know. You will need this completed before the first lesson.

Is Sewing hard? 
Of course not! It may take time for you to get used to it, but just like driving a car or learning any new skill, the more you do it the easier it will become, and you will feel more confident.

What age do you recommend starting and do you have to be a girl?
I would say that a 7 year old could attend my beginner class and do fine. And YES, boys are perfectly capable of learning and welcome, it's a great skill to have!

What is the suggested frequency of classes?                                                                After the initial introductory prerequisite lesson, I recommend each student continue regularly with classes/lessons. Weekly, every other week, whatever is regular for you! The longer you go between classes it's harder to remember what was learned. This will require more review and less fun sewing time. Monthly sessions are perfect to continue with.

Do you offer adult sewing classes?
Yes. The schedule is by request, check out the products tab.

How large are you classes?
At this moment, private lessons are avaialble, or two friends/sibling/ group/ together, and will be scheduled as needed.

Do I need to bring a sewing machine to class? 
Nope, several machines are set up for use. If you want, you are more than welcome to bring your own machine so you can learn how to use it. 

Accepted payments? Credit/debit and paypal through the website. Cash, check. Venmo.

How can I contact Create Sewing School?
email me:

My text number and voice mail is 949-445-3744. Text will not be immediately returned but will as soon as possible.

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