Updated policies 2/27/2023:



Tuition is due before the first lesson of each month. After the first lesson, a late fee of $10 will be applied. Invoices are sent before the first of each month to the email provided.


Payment options are:

1. Cash

2. Check - in person or mailed (If payment needs to be mailed please mail to the address on the invoice)

3. Zelle - a free transfer from bank to bank. Send to the phone number: 

4. PayPal - must make payment as a "friend/family” through your own account or you will be charged a 3-5% card transaction fee on your next invoice. My PayPal address is:

5. Venmo -if you select to pay as a service there will be a 3-5% transaction fee added to the next invoice. 

(6. If credit card is desired, Venmo has an option to select your card as payment.)



If there is ever a day for the upcoming month that you will not be available, let me know when you are aware, so I can omit it from the invoice before it is sent. 

Please let me know two weeks before the upcoming month if you will not be continuing lessons.


There will be no refunds for missed lessons, please let me know asap if you will miss a class, a quick text is best. Missed classes will be added to a waitlist and may be made up during the month if a spot becomes available. A spot is not guaranteed but I will try my best to offer options for a make up spot. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will credit you on next month's invoice.

If a Semi-Private student needs a make-up lesson, it will be charged at the private price:



~Fabric and project selections~

I provide a selection of fabrics for the beginner projects, but when the student has a different style, they are free to bring in their own fabrics. When a student is ready to start making clothing, they will need to supply their own fabrics for their own style. I will update you on the fabric that they will need to bring in themselves and how to pre-wash beforehand.

Beginners will complete a selection of assigned projects first that will cover basic skills. These may not be the students first choice but help in the learning process and build the foundation for advanced projects-including clothing. As student advances, we will then move on to projects with the students input skill level in mind.